Nomination Criteria

In order to Nominate a Candidate for an award, please fill out the Nominee Form.
Nominations will close on November 30, 2015


Voting will begin on December 5, 2015. To vote please click on the Nominee link.

Nomination Category

1. Humanitarian
2. Outstanding Educator
3. Outstanding Medical Personal
4. Outstanding African Actor
5. Outstanding African Actress
6. Outstanding Community Activist
7. Outstanding New Artist
8. Outstanding International Artist
9. Outstanding Youth Achievements
10. Lifetime Achievement Awards


Provide a 30 second DVD with your supplemental materials.
Only DVDs are accepted
Two (2) duplicate copies of the DVD must be provided. If 2 copies are not provided, the DVD will not be advanced to the award committee
Please Label each DVD with the following information:
Name of the Nominee
Award category

All DVDs must be received by July 31, 2013
Mail the DVD to :
Hope of Africa
PO Box1316
Fayetteville GA 30215