Humanitarian Award

Princess Modupe Ozolua

Princess Modupe O. Ozolua
“Sarauniyar Alheri”

Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

PRINCESS MODUPE OZOLUA was born in Benin City, Edo state on October 10th 1973 into the Royal House of the Benin Kingdom. She is the great grand daughter of the legendary Benin warrior King, Oba Ozolua.
In 2001, at the age of 27yrs, Princess Ozolua pioneered COSMETIC SURGERY to Nigeria, West Africa through her business, Body Enhancement Ltd.
As pioneer of this specialty in West Africa, it became her responsibility to educate a country of over 170Million Nigerians about the safety of plastic surgery. This meant breaking the norms and negative myths people had about plastic surgery,

Despite all the challenges of pioneering a controversial service in a very traditional African country, Body Enhancement Ltd revolutionized the beauty and health sectors in Nigeria. The company has been credited for encouraging the feminist movement in Nigeria, the most populous Black nation in the world.
Her focus, discipline and achievements at such a young age also challenged the traditional African norms about independent women.
In 2003, she founded Empower54, formerly known as Body Enhancement Foundation (BEARS, Body Enhancement Annual Reconstructive Surgery) an international humanitarian organization dedicated to providing desperately needed humanitarian assistance such as medical missions, hunger eradication, educational, women/girl empowerment and refugee programs to underprivileged Africans. His Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu is the Patron.

Despite running several businesses, Princess Ozolua prioritizes Empower54 over her businesses and contributes significant personal funds towards each program.
She is very involved in Empower54’s humanitarian programs to the extent she stays in the operating room during surgeries and works with doctors to manage post operative care of patients. ALL humanitarian aid rendered through Empower54 are FREE to the beneficiaries.
Under the leadership of Princess Ozolua, Empower54 is active in rehabilitating women and children survivors of the terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria, through self-employment and education for the children at the IDP (Internally displaced persons) camps.

Despite grave dangers, Princess Modupe Ozolua personally leads the Empower54 team into communities attacked by Boko Haram in remote parts of North East Nigeria to help survivors of terrorist attacks.
During one of those trips, she discovered the extremely malnourished children rescued from Boko Haram’s captivity and facilitated the collaboration between Empower54 and the Borno State Government in evacuating them to Maiduguri for urgent CMAM treatment.
In recognition of her passion for 13 years of philanthropy work which involves risking her life, committing time and personal finances towards helping the underprivileged, the Nigerian press named her the “Angel of Mercy” which was also endorsed by His Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu; and the IDPs in North East Nigeria call her “Sarauniyar Alheri” meaning the “Princess of Goodness”.